My name is Nick Dodge, and I am a graduate from Exceptional Minds, which is a vocational program for young adults on the autism spectrum.  We learn animation, post-production, and visual effects.  My favorite project has to be the seven-second vine.  It is an animation project where I had to recreate a classic cartoon gag in my own way.  I made my own characters and style for this specific project.   Now, I currently work part time at the VFX studio.

     I had done an internship at the Cedar Rapids Fire Department, working as a graphic designer for their website.  I also own a paid YouTube channel dedicated to animation.  It primarily focuses on educational dinosaur animations; some of these videos have several million views.

     I hope to publish some of my ideas into graphic novels or possibly an animated series.  Most of my art style was influenced by anime, or Japanese animation, such as Pokemon.